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Viscous Fan assemblies, Hub units and Replacement Fans.

Viscous Fans - part of the cooling range

Universal Components UK now offer a comprehensive range of Viscous Fan assemblies, Hub units and Replacement Fans. Full details can be found in the cooling catalogue.

When the engine is cool or at normal operating temperature, the fan clutch partially disengages the engine’s mechanical connection to the radiator cooling fan, generally located at the front of the water pump and driven by a belt and pulley connected to the engine’s crankshaft. This saves power as the engine does not have to fully drive the fan.

When the engine temperature increases above the viscous clutch unit’s engagement temperature setting, the fan becomes fully engaged and starts to draw higher volumes of air through the vehicle radiator, which in turn reduces or maintains the engine coolant temperature to operating levels.

Most hub units are Viscous (fluid) couplings combined with a bi-metallic sensor similar to that in a thermostat. More advanced hub units are electronically controlled, these are operated by the vehicle engine management system and offer greater levels of flexibility


The exciting new cooling range will be available in March 2014, packed full of great new range additions including Viscous Hub Units, Fan Blades, Expansion Tanks, Condensers, Radiators, Intercoolers and Oil Coolers.



This February saw the launch of the new Air Coil range. Click here to see them now.



The comprehensive ranges of Truck Parts, Trailer Parts and LCV components helps us deliver a hard to beat service to our customers across the UK and into Europe. We are driven to provide customers with a high level of service and quality Truck and Trailer parts they can trust.



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