New ECE Legislation


Since October 2015 NEW ECE legislation has been introduced stating that side markers must flash in sync with the direction indicators, or you must have 3 CAT5 direction indicators fitted. Reg48 will be amended and published so it will go from Reg48-05 to Reg48-06.

Existing type approved trailers can carry on as normal. From November 2017 the Reg48-06 becomes mandatory, so any new trailer not already type approved will need to be approved for the 06 version, however from October 2020 all new trailers will have to be type approved to Reg48-06 version where the flashing side markers or CAT5 Indicators are mandatory.

A 60 month window is provisionally in place to bring existing trailers in to line.

Truck-Lite Indicator Module

With the Truck-Lite flasher, unit standard markers can be used; therefor there is no need to modify existing mounting panels. The unit can be plugged between the Junction Plate and Busbar/Loom using SS connectors or it can be hardwired if needed.

Additional benefits include the ability to service for both OE's and end-users; using existing lamps and reducing stock levels compared to different lamps.

Posted: 05/12/2016 11:31:00

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