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Suspension parts at Universal Components

Universal Components have a variety of Commercial Vehicle (CV) parts available including suspension spares and accessories. With over 2000 products available from stock, each suspension product can be collected or on our overnight delivery service. If you can't find the suspension or suspension parts, spares and accessories you need, simple contact us directly.

Our sales team will source your suspension requirements without delay, and get back to you with a price as soon as possible. Alternatively, select from our best-selling suspension parts below.

Part P9724

Lock Nut M24

Lock Nut suitable for Shock Absorber Bolts and Pivot Bolts
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Part A2760

Torque Arm Bush

Tapered Nylon Insert Bush
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Part KLTJ0187

Wear Plate

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Part A2260

Torque Arm Bush Parallel

Parallel Steel Insert Bush
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Part KLTJ0389

Lock nut

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Part AS0255

Air Spring Complete Assembly To Suit BPW For fitting kit order - ASK020 if ordering via the web

Type 30K (Plastic Piston)As1444 Steel Piston - For Steel Piston Version See AS1444, If ordering via the website please order Fitting Kit ASK020 when ordering this Air Spring
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Part KLTJ0288

Thrust Washer

Now available as a Pivot Bush Kit. Order KLTH0342
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Part A2800

Equaliser Bush Tapered

Tapered Steel Insert Bush
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Part A2165K

Universal U Bolt Assembly 18inch Imperial

Contains 1 x U Bolt / 2 x Nuts / 2 x Washers
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