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Bulb Dispensers

Bulb Dispensers parts at Universal Components

Universal Components have a variety of Commercial Vehicle (CV) parts available including bulb dispensers spares and accessories. With over 2000 products available from stock, each bulb dispensers product can be collected or on our overnight delivery service. If you can't find the bulb dispensers or bulb dispensers parts, spares and accessories you need, simple contact us directly.

Our sales team will source your bulb dispensers requirements without delay, and get back to you with a price as soon as possible. Alternatively, select from our best-selling bulb dispensers parts below.

Part TBD24V


24V LUCAS TVS Bulb display stand with 118 of the most popular commercial bulbs including both Headlamp and Auxillary bulbs.

Included within the dispenser:
Bulb Part # QTY Description
TB149 10 24V 5W BA15S
TB150 10 24V 5W BA15D
TB241 10 24V 21W BA15S
TB246 10 24V 10W BA15S
TB249 10 24V 4W BA9S
TB334 10 24V 21/5W BAY15D
TB346 10 24V 21W BA15D
TB581A 10 24V 21W BAU15S AMBER
TB242 5 24V 5W FESTOON 11x38mm
TB507 5 24V 5W W2.1x9.5D 10mm
TB566A 5 24V 21/4W BAZ15D
TB466 4 24V 70W H1 HALOGEN
TB475 6 24V 75/70W H4 P43T HALOGEN
TB499A 6 24V 70W H7 XENON
TBH11A 2 24V 70W H11 PGJ19-2 HALOGEN
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