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Internal Switches

Internal Switches parts at Universal Components

Universal Components have a variety of Commercial Vehicle (CV) parts available including internal switches spares and accessories. With over 2000 products available from stock, each internal switches product can be collected or on our overnight delivery service. If you can't find the internal switches or internal switches parts, spares and accessories you need, simple contact us directly.

Our sales team will source your internal switches requirements without delay, and get back to you with a price as soon as possible. Alternatively, select from our best-selling internal switches parts below.

Part SCRE0001


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Part KLTF1531


Aspöck, also known as Aspoeck (maybe known as Aspock, Aspoc & Aspok) is Europe's leading manufacturer of complete lighting systems for all types of towed vehicles (trailers). In addition, the company also manufactures lighting units, cabling and connectors. We are distributors for the automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM), for truck tractors, spares market and agricultural vehicles. Our business strategy and our business objectives are the ongoing development of our products and services.
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Part MNBODY167

Electric Window Lifter LH

UC window Lifter to suit MAN TGL Applications.
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Part KLTF2169

LC8 Tail Lamp Cable 1000mm

3 Functions EOML Red / Amber / Clear 100% LED 24 Volt Polycarbonate Robust Optic ADR Approved ECE E2 14010 Certified EMC R10 Certified
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