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29th May 2020 - Continued disruption to TNT network


We continue to suffer disruptions in the delivery network of TNT which is causing a delay in a selection of our customers orders.

The social distancing measures enforced on TNT is the reasoning behind the delays and outside of our current control. This is a National network issue rather than isolated carrier association and all parties are working hard to overcome the challenges.

Our dedicated Customer Service team are on hand to support on 0114 261 1122

Dean Arnold
Commercial Director

To help us operate as smoothly as possible:

  • We ask all customers to place stock orders as early as possible
  • Cut-off times are 5:00pm UK and 3:30pm for Ireland and Eire
  • Please place orders via the website where possible, if you are not already registered please Click Here
  • We will keep you up to date on any further developments as they happen.
Click here for further information on cut-off times


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Vehicle Application


Windscreen parts at Universal Components

Universal Components have a variety of Commercial Vehicle (CV) parts available including windscreen spares and accessories. With over 2000 products available from stock, each windscreen product can be collected or on our overnight delivery service. If you can't find the windscreen or windscreen parts, spares and accessories you need, simple contact us directly.

Our sales team will source your windscreen requirements without delay, and get back to you with a price as soon as possible. Alternatively, select from our best-selling windscreen parts below.

Part UCV700

LCV Wiper Blade - 28inch

Fittings: 5
View Product
Part UCV650

LCV Wiper Blade - 26inch

Fittings: 4
View Product
Part UCV550

LCV Wiper Blade - 22inch

Fittings: 2
View Product
Part UCV600

LCV Wiper Blade - 24inch

Fittings: 3
View Product
Part BH600WW

Wash Wiper Blade - 24inch

Fittings: i
View Product
Part BH650WW

Wash Wiper Blade - 26inch

Fittings: i
View Product
Part UCV1000

LCV Wiper Blade - 40inch

Fittings: 8
View Product
Part A4251

Screenwasher Pump - 24 Volt

Bracket Mounted
View Product
Part UCV800

LCV Wiper Blade - 32inch

Fittings: 6
View Product
Part UCV900

LCV Wiper Blade - 36inch

Fittings: 7
View Product
Part BH700WW

Wash Wiper Blade - 28inch

Fittings: i To fit 9mm Wide Arms
View Product
Part ULCV550

LCV Wiper Blade - 22inch

Supplied with Hook type fitting
View Product
Part A4253

Connector - Equal tee

Equal Tee Connector 5mm
View Product
Part ULCV500

LCV Wiper Blade - 20inch

Fittings: D
View Product